Disinfectants in the home: are we doing more harm than good?

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There has been a lot of confusion about how to clean during the pandemic. Fear of catching COVID-19 has resulted in much panic and led people to spray and wipe…

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Harnessing nature’s most powerful cleaner

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Every year, Australians spend millions on cleaning products containing dangerous chemicals and toxins. Not only are these harmful to people and animals, but they’re also harmful to our planet. We’ve…

Innovation in cleaning – Ecofy

Good reasons to embrace innovations in cleaning

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It’s a race for innovation. New ideas and technology that will save time and money, while simplifying the cleaning process. That’s my interpretation of innovation for the cleaning industry. So…

Call for Ingredient Disclosure in Everyday Cleaners

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The following article has been copied directly from The Age Australia. It covers brilliantly the problems with Indoor Air Quality, Sensitivities, Labelling and the problem with many Green Chemicals. I…

We’re Sun-Wise, but are we Chemical Wise?

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Today’s post has been inspired by our networking breakfast meetings ‘Mad Hatters’ day. Each person was given 40 seconds to talk about their business and incorporate a hat into their…

Why We’re Not Safe from Chemical Residue

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After a recent café experience I thought I’d write this short post to raise awareness to a problem that many people wouldn’t think twice about. It occurred to me that…

It’s Time to Clear the Air in Schools

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All children deserve the opportunity to learn and socialise in a safe school environment. Unfortunately, for a small percentage of children, going to school or public places, the indoor air quality and residue of…

Are Cleaning Methods Harming Pets?

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You can tell a lot about people’s character by the way they care for animals, children and the elderly. This conversation came about when I was introduced to a lady…

The Sensitive Topic of Chemical Cleaning

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What is the ‘smell of clean’? Is it the smell of bleach? Or is the smell of clean an artificial fragrance of flowers? While these may be the perception of…

Microfibre flat mop with water vs Traditional mop and bucket with chemicals

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Sometimes the answer to a dirty floor is to NOT keep adding chemicals but to actually stop using them. Traditional mopping with a string mop is cumbersome and requires more…

You Can’t Fix What Is Not Broken

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One thing I know is that speaking with people and asking questions is helping me become an expert in my field. Forget all the endless reading and research… personal experience…

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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“All that glitters is not gold” or “Never judge a book by its cover”. Both are very relevant proverbs when it comes to selling a product or a service. Do you ever…

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When Should Loyalty Give Way To Innovation?

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I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones - John Cage , Composer The other day a friend of mine told me...

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