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Tersano is changing the way the world cleans, delivering environmentally-safe and healthy cleaning and sanitising technologies for commercial and domestic use.

iClean mini™

The New Size of Clean

Bring home the power of aqueous ozone with the world’s simplest and most compact chemical-free cleaner and sanitiser.

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Mini SAO Cartridges for iClean mini

Maximise your cleaning performance by 15% over aqueous ozone (AO) alone by using long-lasting and easy to replace mini SAO cartridges


  • Filters minerals in tap water
  • Easy-to-use: install and replace in seconds
  • Single pack of cartridges lasts a year
  • Safe for use around children and pets

SAO Dispenser

The patented, SAO™ Dispenser creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone™ (SAO) on-demand and in high quantities. Fill spray bottles, mop buckets, and even floor scrubbers.

No more storing, mixing, or disposing of traditional chemicals. No need to worry about the health effects of chemicals on your staff, customers, or guests – or the corrosive effects of chemicals on the surfaces and equipment you clean. The SAO Dispenser is the simplest, safest, most sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning and sanitising chemicals.

Wall-Mount Unit Accessories

SAO-4 and SAO-24 Cartridges

Used to extend effectiveness of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone. The Series SAO-4 cartridge provides up to 4 hours of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, while the SAO-24 Cartridge provides up to 24 hours. The stabiliser and cartridge filter must be changed together.

Tersano Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle

Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle and Aqueous Ozone HACCP Bottle

Two Aqueous Ozone spray bottles

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