Revolutionary foaming hand wash – the sustainable solution with water- soluble sachets and 100% bio-degradable packaging.

Introducing Sakura Blossom Hand Soap Sachets — its water-soluble packaging dissolves with use, offering an eco-friendly, compact refill solution. Unlike traditional liquid refills contained in plastic, our biodegradable packs save space, reduce transport and storage space.


Sakura Blossom Foaming Hand Wash

We are Proud to be Different To Other Foaming Hand Soaps

Our product uses technology to encapsulate the soap powder in water soluble film, which once added to water completely dissolves to form a foaming soap! Plus our innovative soap solution is 100% biodegradable meaning zero waste.

How Does Our Product Reduce Costs and Carbon Foot Print?

Each small dissolvable sachet creates 500ml of hand wash, meaning the whole pack creates a total of 10L – lightening the load in transportation, reducing the space needed for storage, and minimising manual handling risks.

How our foaming hand sachets benefit
people, planet & business.

Sakura Blossom Foaming Hand Wash

Sakura Blossom Foaming Hand Wash

20x 5g Sachets of Hand Wash Solution, Sakura Blossom Fragrance 

  • Step 1: Drop 1 Sachet PER 500ml into a mixing container
  • Step 2: Add required amount of warm water and shake to mix
  • Step 3: Leave for 15 minutes to dissolve…and you’re done!


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