Introducing award-winning LESSEAU, the worlds first travel friendly soap dispenser with sustainable bar soap 100% free of (micro)plastics and vegan.

LESSEAU’s all natural vegan bar soap – compact in size, rich in moisture, fights waste and reduces carbon footprint with it’s 100% plastic free packaging made from recycled cardboard. Plus it fights the wasteful cycle of liquid soaps being a hygienic alternative with no expiry

Say goodbye to liquid soap and embrace the efficiency of natural bar soap

Experience the ultimate convenience with our compact, portable and refillable bar soap dispenser, designed to ensure you always have clean hands wherever you go. Say goodbye to messy spills and bulky bottles in your pocket or bag – with our Travel Bar Soap Dispenser, cleanliness is just a grate, wet, and wash away.

How to use the LESSEAU® Travel Bar Soap Dispenser

  1. Unlock your travel dispenser with a quick turn at the top, using the heel of your hand on the coloured centre.
  2. Fill it with vegan bar soap and close it the same way you opened it.
  3. To use, twist the top with one hand to grate the soap, while your other hand waits below for the soap.
  4. Wet your hands, lather up, and enjoy a refreshing clean!

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