In the world of business, cutting down on plastic waste and reducing CO2 emissions are big priorities for many companies aiming to reach their sustainability goals.

 The Unseen Consequences of Using Liquid Soap

Making sure your commercial washrooms are clean and green is crucial. That’s where our plastic free and vegan solution comes in.

Meet the LESSEAU® no-touch bar soap dispenser – it’s all about keeping things simple, clean, and planet-friendly.

  • It uses solid soap bars instead of plastic bottles or pouches, cutting down on waste.
  • With its no-touch feature, it keeps things hygienic by avoiding cross-contamination.
  • Its sleek design comes in black or white, fitting in with any washroom decor.
  • It’s tough enough to handle busy washrooms without breaking the bank.
  • And it’s smart too – with its never-empty feature, you’ll always know when it’s time to refill, saving soap and money.
LESSEAU hand-soap automatic dispenser on wall
LESSEAU Wall Mount White

Embrace Eco-Innovation and become an early adopter for cleaner and greener practices.

Compliment your bathrooms with an environmentally conscious approach by reducing emissions and costs in transport and storage while providing visitors with a delightful experience with sustainable, award-winning vegan bar soap.

When you choose LESSEAU® you don’t just make the switch from liquid soap to bar soap, you take a step towards sustainability by eliminating plastic waste and reducing carbon emissions.