The Sensitive Topic of Chemical Cleaning

By 05 August, 2015 No Comments

What is the ‘smell of clean’? Is it the smell of bleach? Or is the smell of clean an artificial fragrance of flowers? While these may be the perception of clean, I like to think clean has no smell at all!

With the knowledge we have today about the effects of cleaning chemicals on our health and, let’s not forget, the environment, it surprises me that people still choose to ignore the facts. Like peanut allergies and food allergies that were not so common back in the day, I am learning that chemical sensitivity, although not recognised by all doctors, has a real and significant impact on some people’s lives.

Imagine not being able to visit public places in fear of coming into contact with chemicals. Imagine not being able to visit a public bathroom without fear of the automatic air freshener spitting out an artificial fragrance.

Now, imagine being a parent worrying about your child having an anaphylactic reaction, nose bleeds and skin rashes, simply because of the cleaning chemicals used around their school and public places. These reactions can happen at any time a child with chemical sensitivity is in contact with chemicals either via the skin or inhalation. Imagine the anguish of a parent who has had to move schools until they find a school that is chemical free.

Speaking with many people who are affected by cleaning chemicals I have learnt that although some cases can be severe, there are several cases of a lesser degree but still worthy of attention. How do I create awareness of chemical sensitivity? What if it were you or your child would you not want the world to go chemical free?

To a varying degree, we are all sensitive to cleaning chemicals. I’ve spoken to cleaners who tell me that spraying food court tables with chemicals all day gives them headaches; housekeepers in hotels say using bleach in enclosed showers interferes with their breathing. Sore eyes, breathing in toxic fumes, skin rashes, nose bleeds, chemical burns, eczema, asthma.… these are the things my customers talk to me about and are excited to know that I can offer a solution.

Until we meet someone who has suffered, or experience the suffering ourselves, it’s hard to understand. My drive to spread the word of chemical-free cleaning has just become stronger.

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