With REN™ Clean you can clean your escalator in as little as 5 minutes!

The REN™ Clean system cleans any brand, size or style of escalator or travelator in minutes, not hours.


Maintenance Cleaning

Schedule your escalators to be cleaned at the same frequency as all other flooring areas.¬†Daily or weekly scheduled cleaning with REN™ Clean provides a cleaner, safer environment for your property, consistently and cost effectively.

Deep Cleaning

Get your dirty or neglected escalators back up to your properties maintenance and cleanliness standards. REN™ Clean lowers customer complaints and avoid embarrassing stain and dirt buildup on your escalators.

Vertical Riser Cleaning

REN Riser pads have engineered ridges sized and spaced to fit perfectly into the riser grooves. Scrub and Wipe to absorb and lift away the dirt and grime, leaving a perfectly restored, clean riser surface.

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